Learn to Cook

Learn to Cook

Based in Seattle, WA, Green Being provides custom culinary experiences in order to help individuals realize the environmental and potential health benefits of choosing a plant-based lifestyle.

Plant-Based Coaching

Client driven partnerships. Get help and encouragement for making a lasting lifestyle change.

Work with a professional chef to discover how you can adopt a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

Custom Cooking Experiences

Private & group cooking instruction that focuses on developing skills and confidence. Clients learn new recipes, techniques, and strategies for success.

Professional Chef. Amateur Athlete. Environmentally Conscious.

I care about our planet and the impact of our choices. I help people feel healthy and confident.

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Green Bean Salad with Red Beets

How to Manage Food Waste

If you stocked up on food, preparing for this period of social distancing, then it is important to manage and utilize fresh food to either be cooked and consumed or preserved for later. According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste is one of the top-five ways to reduce to greenhouse gas emissions. Follow these tips…